Sunday, September 30, 2007

Projects in my head

I havent touched the sewing machine for over two weeks now. Ironic really because The Little One has been in school. I have been trying to sew but just haven't gotten round to doing anything.

Why? Because I have so many projects in my head!!! So just to clear my head a little bit I am listing things down randomly :

1)Borrowed 2 of Sandy Bonsib's books from the Library, Quilting your Memories and Quilting more memories. Wondered why I didn't order them online when I was looking!!! I love her books.

2)Now that I am inspired by Sandy I want to do the quilt with Amalina's pictures and her baby clothes. I have decided that I will pick 12 images, one for each month of her first year.

3)Got my fabrics for the Challenge quilt. Already decided on the design but it has to be a secret. (Does anyone from the Guild read this blog?) I'm not even sure whom I told. Was deciding on the colours I want to put in and if I want to buy more fabric.

4)Have not continued with the NYB.

5)The BOM from The Guild.

Where did all the time go?? Its noon and time to fetch Amalina!!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fabrics and more fabrics

On my recent trip the the Al Z@mil craft shop to Khobar, I got these:

A range of blues.

Some Japanese design fabrics.

And something that is the forest inspired.

I also bought extra batting, canvas, interface and wonderunder.

Next question is, when can I start sewing again?