Friday, July 3, 2009

Labour of Love

Yes I finally managed to sew AND finish a quilt. If you know me, you'd know how significant this is because I haven't sewn for ages! I have resolved that I would sew more, just didn't have the energy or the inclination.

This one I made for Amalina's teacher at preschool. Just as a gesture of appreciation for her kindness and warmth towards Amalina. After our experience at her previous school where I wasn't pleased at all, Miss Jessy is like a ray of sunshine. I remember sending Amalina one morning when she all all teary eyed and less than enthusiastic and Miss Jessy greeted her with enthusiasm and asked her how she was and if she missed her teacher at all because "I missed you a lot Amalina! Did you miss me?"

And that warmed Amalna's little heart immediately and she decided to stay for the day! Mummy was relieved that Amalina was in safe hands!

It took me awhile to work on the label. I had hoped to do more with my 440 QE embroidery but even this bit took me about half a day.

I quilted the border free hand with hearts. I have to say that I am rather proud with the end result.

So lets hope I'll be able to finish another quilt before next summer!!