Sunday, July 29, 2007

NYB Practice blocks

I have often admired the NY beauties and even contemplated ordering the book. But somehow I thought that perhaps the patterns would be too complicated for me. Until I found The BOM at Quilter's Corner Club.

Here are my practice blocks:

I quite like the dark sky on this one. The fabric was purchased at the shops near Ranch0. Since it was my practice blocks I simply used the fabrics already sitting out at my sewing table.

The light blue batik fabric was purchase on a Guild trip to Khaleeda towers near Batha. Janet organized a bus and Judy lead the way to the shops there.

I didn't think I did too well with the color combination on this one. I simply rummaged through by scrap tins and found several fabrics to put together.

I was however very pleased with my practice blocks and it inspired me to embark on the project.

Wish me luck!

PS. If you are interested in the project yourself. Click on the link above for the pattern and instructions. You do have to sign up on yahoo groups to get access to the pattern.

Friday, July 27, 2007

2J 3E and me

I have this quilt top on the wall in my sewing room. It was a friendship quilt we got together to do. The pattern, Millenium Quilt, was from Ev*, to commemorate Joy's return to Oz. Joy, J*cq**, Ev*, Ev@, E/ke and me contributed the blocks to this quilt.

I have yet to quilt the quilt together.

The beige fabric I used as sashing has thread and bobbins on them. I bought them for sr20 a meter at this shop Ev@ found near the @mer/c@n school. I did go back to the shop to purchase more but alas they were all gone!

The Paisley fabric I used as borders was bought for me by Ev@ at T@ib@ market. I must say that I wasn't impressed with the fabric at first, but I was impressed to see what Ev@ did with hers.

While putting the top together I did ruminate about the fabric to use for border and somehow the paisley fabric jumped out to me calling my name. It almost said "Use me! Use me!" I tried many different fabrics and finally relented and used the paisley fabric.

So Joy, yes I never thought about using that border fabric myself until I dreamt about it! :) Can't wait to see yours!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Starting at the beginning

Hello, I am sunflora and I am a fabric junkie.

I cannot possibly walk past a fabric store without buying any fabric. Cotton is my material of choice but silk and rayon is acceptable too.

Although I am running short of space to store all my fabrics, I continue to buy more. I used to buy 2 m at a time but I have now resorted to Fat quarters instead.

My earliest fabric shopping was with my mum when I was younger. I think it was a monthly trip that my mum and I will make to Geylang Serai. We would go either on Sunday mornings or Saturday afternoons on bus no 24. I always hoped that we would get the air conditioned service. Sometimes I slept on the way there, sometimes we talked and sometimes I would read my book.

Upon arrival we would get something to eat there and something to take home. And then the fabric hunting will begin. Her favorite shops would be at Joo Chiat Complex. We would walk around and look for the fabrics that may catch our eyes. My mum would spend a lot of time bargaining with the fabric seller until they would come to a price they would agree on. She has walked out on shops before because the seller did not give her the price she was happy with.

The other favorite haunt is the Arab Street area. We would walk the length of the streets going into every fabric shop looking at fabrics.

So perhaps there is more about buying fabric for me. It reminded me of the mornings and afternoons I spent with my mom shopping. It was just the two of us because my dad had no patience to walk round the fabric store and my brother would rather stay home.

Most of the time, the fabrics became clothes we would wear to weddings or parties. But some of the fabrics remained as fabrics.

From then on, no matter where I went, be it Canada, Kyoto, Malaysia and even here, I'll always buy fabric as souvenir.

I had bought fabric way before I started quilting and since I started quilting my hording instinct has worsen.

So here I am, Sunflora, the fabric hoarder.