Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And we sewed

When we learned that one of the ladies whom we sew with on Wednesdays will leave for good in July, S@linah suggested that we make her a quilt.

At first we thought we'd do a friendship quilt sort of thing, one block per person and we will put the blocks together in a quilt.

Then I remembered 2 tubes of what supposed to be a water colour heart quilt. A project I started 2 years ago and left in the drawer sewn, uncut and unpicked. (The project requires unpicking much like the bargello quilt style.)

So I recommended to the ladies that we did a watercolour heart project and I will project manage the quilt. Just that we have to commit to meet until the quilt finishes.

We met 3 days, one day to do the unpicking and piecing together for the top. Another day to attach the binding. And the final day to sew the label.

I worked on the quilt 2 additional days, one day to sew the tube and cut into strips and another day pinning and quilting the top.

S@linah spent one day handsewing the binding.

Everyone had their own role. Sa@diah and Nor@ helped with the unpicking and the piecing. Abeer sew the paper pieced heart for the label. Anees was in charge of the label.

5 days isn't bad for a group work.

And the result, gave us inspiration to work on our quilts together from now on. Abeer suggested that starting September we will start sewing one quilt per person each month. The owner of the quilt will choose fabric and pattern and we will all work on the quilt for that month. The following month, it will be another person's turn to have their quilt sewn together by us.

It seems so much more fun that we sewed the quilt together!

I call it a quilt tontine.

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